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Today lets talk about designing and developing a successful and rewarding website. We will be focusing mainly on Start-Up Websites and what they should do in order to get some traffic. We are not going to explain everything, but will try and cover most of the points in form of Key Notes. Also at the end , if you have some questions or don’t understand anything please do post a question in the comments, also you can point out if we missed something.

Lets Begin!

  1. Your website should be fast. (Since Google adores it!) Watch out for serious memory modules or clashing modules and so forth.
  2. Design your website the way you want it but try to view it with a different angle. Think about others when they’ll come to your website. What will they notice first and how are they going to react to it.
  3. Branding is the most important thing today, you can’t simply ignore it. Try to picture your brand and select a suitable color scheme.
  4. The colors you chose must be very soft and soothing to eyes, if users will love it, they are going to read it.
  5. Security from programmers is critical. I lost my first enormous site since I didn’t have any. All the more embarrassingly I didn’t have a Back Up! Additionally never pick a web host that doesn’t have an every day back-up protocol. At the point when things turn sour, you will need their assistance. I utilize for the majority of my websites and blogs – extraordinary and top of the line security. Exceptionally prescribed.
  6. Always try to utilize a .com domain (if possible), and unless there truly is no option. Don’t utilize a DASH/Hyphen in the middle of words in the website/brands domain name.
  7. Build an email list from the very first moment, as this will help you in the long run.
  8. Websites do break sometimes! Now and then they will start generating errors, pages will quit showing as they ought to or even connections will get botched up. This could be a direct result of some contention with a portion of the Plugins. Particularly when redesigning, say a WordPress Website, realize that a portion of the Plugins you have introduced before will never again be good choice. Go for some alternatives and do check whether its compatible with the current version or not.
  9. Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, LinkedIn and Instagram, we all think its a good way of generating some users and visitors, but the experts say – pick the one you are used to and start squeezing it, quit sucking at all others. Also you can pay somebody to care for your online networking and let them do the job for you.
  10. Plan a future for your business (or website) – An interior designing business without a marketable strategy is entirely senseless! Have a plan for the coming months, 3 months, 6 months, 12 months! Is your website going the way you have planned? Where do you see yourself and your website a long time from now? Always keep track of everything.
  11. If you concentrate on one activity source, you are moronic. Google, Social Media, Email Marketing, Podcasts/Videos, Info Graphics and Linkbait are exceptionally vital.
  12. Consistency is key when publishing articles or posts. Every day, Weekly, Monthly, you pick how frequently you should post and stick to it. (Well, no one is awesome at tailing this Rule – in any case it is vital for your website and your readers)
  13. Make it simple for individuals to get in touch with you. Besides, be ready for some feedback’s about your posts or articles you published on your website or blogs. Beyond any doubt a few remarks will originate from for the most part pessimistic individuals, yet my general experience is that individuals need to offer assistance. For instance we have received many emails from individuals informing us about bugs and grammatical mistakes. But thanks a lot people, it helps us to make things a bit more better.
  14. Never ever disclose your ideas or what you plan to do, just do it, then show them. That is the best methodology. Numerous people will advise you to discuss your ideas but don’t hesitate to ignore them, and move on.
  15. Never strike back to remarks or messages. Individuals will differ with you and you may even think they are imbecilic, however they are qualified for their assessment. To be perfectly honest we don’t have sufficient energy or vitality to demonstrate them off-base. It’s likewise not all that imperative that you have to squander your life attempting to substantiate yourself right and another person wrong.
  16. You can get a considerable measure of things by simply inquiring. Keep up the good work and you’ll be rewarded.
  17. These days there is an expanding pattern that the general population who make the most money on the web, purchase a high rate of their movement (pay for commercials). Fundamentally they have taken in extra aptitudes taking into account lead era and Cost Per Acquisition (CPA). In the event that you are not likewise taking in these aptitudes, you are passing up a great opportunity.
  18. Top rundown articles as yet bring us 80% of our traffic in spite of the fact that it required just 20% of our time to create them.
  19. As far as I can tell, it’s less demanding to begin a day gainfully then end it profitably. (Try to invest more energy tomorrow if you haven’t done anything great today…)
  20. Always try to look forward and have a better approach. Continue advancing and instructing.
  21. Surround yourself with fruitful individuals. Remember, most of the ideas arise when brainstorming with friends and other people.
  22. Always have a composed and consented agreement with your accomplices or Joint Ventures. Individuals will scam you for less cash then you would envision. Covetousness is an insane thing.
  23. What you Focus on is the thing that you get – so in the event that you need cash, FOCUS on it! Continuously know about who owes you cash, watch that the installments you hope to get are touching base in your financial balance at the right time. On the off chance that despite everything you get paid by a check – bank it straight away and don’t abandon it staying nearby for a considerable length of time.
  24. Don’t be afraid of others! The reason they are aggressive is that there is cash in that corner!
  25. Keep pushing ahead. Try not to surrender – The greatest distinction amongst achievement and disappointment is not surrendering.
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